Kara Cura

Plant Medicine, Healing. Art

About Kara Cura

Kara Cura has been focused on a healing path for many years - her own and others. Today she focuses her energy on sharing sacred Plant Medicine(s) in ceremonies geared toward homage of the Peruvian Amazon. Kara Cura began studying Amazonian ceremony with her first teacher in 2011 and after her first visit to Peru in 2015 she made her way back to dive deeper into the tradition. In 2017 she spent eight months in the jungle of Peru with her teachers and dieted many plants to build her allies in ceremony, walking away with the support of these teachers and plants she began to offer these ceremonies to others.

Kara Cura has taken her years of study with the Shipibo lineage and has shaped it into her own with keeping a strong focus of honoring the traditions she has learned from her revered teachers.  Kara Cura realizes with great respect that she is not born of the Shipibo and Amazonian tribes and doesn’t wish to “act” as tho she was, so she has developed a beautiful mix of her teachers traditions, her studies of healing modalities of the past eighteen years, and her own intuitive voice that leads her in each ceremony.

Leading ceremonies with many different plants she combines the necessary space holding, healing music, and safe container for each one as needed.  Each one being its own mixture of the group, their needs and intentions, and the energy of the space along with the energy of the day, planets, and time in space. Her many years of experience in holding healing spaces allows her to read the necessary steps that are being called upon by the collective group and their spirits.  

Of course Kara Cura didn’t just “happen upon” this path - it started many years ago with being attuned to Reiki in Sedona, AZ by her Master in 2003. This was the beginning of many realizations of the path her soul was calling her on. Reiki lead to massage training at the renown Asheville School of Massage & Yoga in Asheville, NC in 2009 which allowed her to dive deep into the love she has of working the body into a deep state of surrender and release. She focuses on deep tissue massage with a mixture of Trigger Point Release, isolated movement, and Reiki to get trauma’s to release and then realign the body. Today Kara Cura has many clients world-wide that are happy to see her when she travels into their area.

Teaching what she has gained these past years in the healing field is also an outlet of creativity she highly enjoys - having taught Reiki to over fourty students she continues to offer workshops along the way of her travels. Kara Cura has been requested to share her knowledge with many different communities in other countries and absolutely loves to share what she has learned these past eighteen years of holding healing space.

As Kara Cura realized she loved sharing this type of information from years of experience as a healer, she began to shape retreats and now combines her healing modalities, art therapy, bodywork sessions, sound healings, and different medicinal plants in order to offer time with deep reflection and change for the participants. This is a great love of hers as she sees that assisting people to reform their lives and paradigms really does offer change to the world.

You may have gathered, Kara Cura is a very creative being. This is very true and it began at a very young age. Kara Cura’s mother was a self taught artist and Kara Cura grew up in her studio as a child - learning and creating right alongside her. Kara Cura began painting at a very young age and continues to come back to it as an expression of herself often.

After spending seven years in the USAF she decided to follow her heart to art school and attended Savannah School of Art & Design in Savannah, GA in 2000. This allowed her to take all that creative energy and learn how to focus it into painting and computer motion graphics in order to express herself even more. Today Kara Cura shares her creative side not only in healing, teaching and sharing but also in paintings. She is blessed to have people collecting her artwork which helps her to focus on her journey of sharing healing, medicinal plant work, and hosting retreats.  

Today Kara Cura travels through parts of South America, Iceland, and Europe studying, sharing, and hosting retreats. She brings small groups to her teachers in the Amazon jungle, offers amazing retreats in Guatemala, teaches her techniques of healing to other healers, and shares her bodywork throughout many different countries.  Not calling one spot home - but the whole universe. This is a reflection of Kara Cura’s belief that we are all one familia.

If you have any questions or would like to host Kara Cura in your home space for any of these offerings please contact her as she would be honored to hear from you.