Kara Cura

Plant Medicine, Healing. Art

Kara Cura began her journey into the healing arts after her journey with the USAF.  She had spent seven years working in hospital administration during that time and this had a huge influence in the beginning of this aspect of her gifts.  During 2005 Kara Cura survived a very serious car accident that put her into a coma for a month. This experience was another push into the healing arts arena for her.  Reiki came into her life in 2003 in Sedona, AZ and then massage came in during 2009 in Asheville, NC at Asheville School of Massage & Yoga.

Since her education into the healing arts - Kara Cura has built clientele in all the cities she has lived in along with working and managing at world class spas around the US.  She has ran her own businesses for years with these gifts and also shares her years of experience with others now in classes for both Reiki and Massage.

Kara Cura's intention in her healing session is to give you assistance in releasing holds in the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.  She works with deep tissue release using Trigger Point Therapy, Isolated Movement, and Reiki to combine the right energies to be able to work on all three levels of the body.  

Kara Cura's sessions are usually a bit longer than an hour and well worth the time and exchange, especially if you are dealing with trauma release of any sort - which she believes is what is behind all pains in the body.  Her prices vary depending on where she is located at the time. For example - the US sessions are $120 per session and her Guatemalan sessions are 300Q.

If you are interested in booking a session with her you may contact her to see when she will be in your area.  Kara Cura is also very open to coming to your area to share her knowledge and skills so please feel free to connect if you are interested in bringing her to your community.

What are Kara Cura's Clients saying....

Kara is truly talented and amazing at what she does. Not only is she skilled but her kind and warming personality makes her work that much better. She really connects with your body and what it needs. She addressed all my problem areas including ones I wasn’t aware of. Genuinely the best work I’ve had. If you need work done and get the chance I highly recommend her. - RP, Asheville NC

My healing with Kara has been one of the most deep of my life. Grounded, connected, humble and powerful, she is so present that everything is perfectly aligned. Amazing skills blending with her ability to listen to my deep needs offered a very profound healing that I felt very transformative two days after. Forever Grateful. - JSR, San Marcos Guatemala

The best massages I've ever had in my life have come from Kara! And beyond the physical experience, she has such an amazing energy and presence . . . If I lived closer I'd be going to see her once a week (or more!) - JB, Bel Air Maryland

Kara is professional and extremely skilled as well as compassionate, kind, and an excellent spaceholder. I was immediately drawn to her when we first met through her balanced and open energy; I chose to have several sessions with her over the few months we were in town together and I received amazing healing on so many levels!! She was so attentive and intuitive, checking in with me and reflecting the progress she experienced each time I came to her table. She got in deep where it was needed and assisted me in a journey of awareness and release of particular holding patterns in my body. Her unique blend of gifts held me and helped my body remember its most natural and thriving vibration and alignment. I could go on because I just loved all my sessions and love Kara so much. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!  - DE, San Marcos Guatemala