I welcome you to take the journey of vibrational mastery through the art of observing for self discovery through love.

Kara Cura began her studies under the Mastezo Peruvian Tradition with her first teacher in 2009.  She studied with him until he felt she needed to begin her journey into the jungle which was in 2013.  After accepting that she was being called to change her life, Kara redirect her focus into studying with the plants. Finding her way to living in Peru in 2016 began the deep dive her soul was calling her on to find her own Shaman within. To this day Kara has spent a total of 4+ years cumalitive in Peru in study and support of her teachers as a facilitator, bringing groups and working side by side with the Shipibo teachers she had studied with for years. 

During these years Kara did around 40+ dietas building her own relationship with many diffent Master Plants.  She then began to offer ceremony work and Dietas while living in Guatemala full time. In the last 7 years Kara Cura has supported thousands of people around the world with deepening their own relationships to these Master Plants. 

This is the work Kara truly enjoys.  Helping others learn how to connect to plants, their spirits, their teachings, and their downloads of information that happen when in the space of Dieta and always with a solid dose of self-love taught to her by her Master Teacher Bobinsana.